About us

Founded in 2010, Barcelona Rainbow Singers is Barcelona’s mixed LGBTQA+ choir that sings four part, and the first LGBTQA+ in the Iberian península.

At this moment we are around 50 singers of different ages, origins and sex-affective choices who form an independent, inclusive and non-profit association open to all those who love music and want to sing in an atmosphere of joy, respect and companionship.

Through music, we bet on the visibility of diversity and we contribute our bit to build a society where no one is belittled or discriminated against for being who they are.

While we get together to rehearse and put on our shows, we put into practice the model of equality, respect and integration that we want for society. Thus, we intend to bring our message to all audiences.

Everyone has different motivations for singing: some have always sung in choirs, others have never done it other than alone in the shower: it doesn’t matter! When we sing together and with our hearts, magic happens.


What do we do?

Every year we prepare a thematic repertoire of trilingual contemporary music (Catalan, Spanish, English) framed in a show that takes place at the end of the cycle, in which we try to convey our view of the world and society, celebrating respect, integration and diversity in all its forms.

We enrich our vocal performance with the participation of local musicians, choreographies, stage work, costumes and scenery.

Every year we make between 6 and 10 presentations at different events, many of them supporting some cause of the LGTBIQA + community; taking our show to Civic and Cultural Centers, theaters, events of official entities, corporate events, churches and to the same street.

At the end of the cycle we prepare a show with the participation of local musicians, choreographies, costumes and scenography in which we propose to convey our view of the world and society; celebrating diversity in all its forms.